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  1. from my point of view from what i see the Dark elf is the problem everything from him is to much speed/atakspeed/castspeed
  2. not a big deal with 100 *** $ pounds u can manage all of them and that is not the point the thing is that the old clases ex pp/ty/de/ty/bp/ee are all quite dead in the face of a bd or a sh with just out burst dmg = 0 skill if that is your idea of just ho is making more dmg at least make them equal so the crit chance can decide the winner
  3. how can a sh have more cast speed then a sps, how can a dark elf out run an elf, and what is with the intrerupt chance 70% with concentration
  4. a blade dancer can kill a paladin with angelic touch of life shield all on active with just auto atack if this is not to much dmg then i am stupid ps: i beg u spectate the oly a little bit look at the stats ho and what is wining
  5. tanks/daggers/se/sws/sps/sorc or is just that blade dancer that can t be stoped
  6. 1. I think blade dancer its way to OP right now he is doing way to much dmg 2. the rest of the clases are still 0 3. if u plan to make that tattoo to be able to get only from donation pls dont (=pay to win) 4.buff the rest of the classes to not just blade dancer
  7. when u say "many previously irrelevant professions have been strengthened." u mean that Blade dancer its OP and the rest of the classes are still shit
  8. I think u should give a chance to noob clans that are playn casual to have a chance to own a castle ... u can just make that only 2 castle give rewards every weekend so the try hards can compete for it and the rest scrubs can have the joy to try and get an unknown castle without being crushed by big clans because the casual scrub will play longer then the rage quitter try harder.
  9. Lf RO/MD cp/clan !!
  10. 😞 Ok i understand... I was asking because i see that u guys are focusing on olly and that is good. Can we get at least a little bit of sneak peak, spoiler like only buffs were done, added new skills, nerfs ?? 🙂 Thank you for understanding, Your daily consumer.
  11. i am looking for some info about "Innovative system of the Olympiad - many previously irrelevant professions have been strengthened."
  12. LF eng speaking clan/cp i can play anything and i am decent....